Guild Information

The Guild of Machine Knitters was launched on 5th March 1998 following research and efforts by Frank Dineen. The Guild is run on an entirely voluntary basis by machine knitters for machine knitters and all those interested in the craft, present and future.

Aims of the Guild:

By doing all of these things and more, it is hoped to strengthen bonds between clubs, groups, individual knitters, manufacturers and suppliers, thus ensuring that the craft continues into the future strong and in good heart. It is also important to gain from the media and the general public the recognition that machine knitting is a genuine craft in its own right.

Please note: The Guild is a group of like minded people who want to further the craft of machine knitting. If you are looking for someone to knit for you or would like to knit for someone please select Employment from the menu. To advertise on our website please select For Sale/Wanted from the menu. To advertise in our newsletter please use the Contact Us link on the left to contact our Public Relations officer.