Area Representatives

To contact the Area Representatives Coordinator or a specific Area Representative use the Contact Us link on the left. If the message is for a specific Area Representative then make sure that their area and name are included in the message box.

Bedfordshire: Elizabeth Sewart (temporary)
Cambridgeshire: Elizabeth Sewart
Cheshire: Pamela Wigglesworth
Cornwall: Sally Butcher
Cumbria: Helen Boardman
Derbyshire: Lorraine Wright
Devon: Penny Clennel-White
Dorset: Glynne Jones
Essex: Edwina Dunham
Gloucestershire: Sue Williams
Hampshire: Liz Holness
Herefordshire: Sue Williams
Kent: Valerie Heard
Leicestershire: Rachel Allen
Lincolnshire: Clair Crowston
Norfolk: Lesley Cain
North East: Averil Tuckett
Northamptonshire: Pat Banyard Smith
Scotland: Morag Walker
Shropshire: Sue Williams
Somerset: Glynne Jones
Staffordshire: Lidia Higson
Suffolk: Betty Collins
Surrey: Liz Holness (temporary)
Sussex E & W: Lorna Hamilton-Brown
Wales: Val Day
Warwickshire: Jane Harrisson
West Midlands Jane Harrisson
Worcestershire: Sue Williams
Yorkshire E & S: Ann Barratt
Yorkshire N & W: Ann Rowat
Area Representative Coordinator: Alison Peck