Knitting Challenge

The details of the 2019 Knitting Challenge and Sherborne Vase Challenge have now been confirmed, and the entry forms (containing details of the challenges) are below.
  • The Knitting Challenge is open to all machine knitters, not just Guild members. This year, the challenge is to knit one item on one machine using one shade of one yarn. What you knit and the techniques you use are entirely your choice.
    Knitting Challenge 2019 entry form

  • The Sherborne Vase Challenge is open to groups of knitters (at least 3 in a group - and the majority of the group must be Guild members). The theme for 2019 is 'The Victorian Age' as it is 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria.
    Sherborne Vase Challenge 2019 entry form
You can see photographs of entries to previous Challenges (and what that entry won, where applicable).
Photos of previous Challenges