Students, Tutors and Parents

Many textile designers use domestic knitting machines to design new fabrics. For students of fashion, they can use knitting machines to create fabrics for 'cut and sew' garments, or to design and shape the garments as they knit.

Lace, weaving, fairisle, intarsia and complex stitches like entrelac and cable can be knitted on most machines, and usually much more quickly and evenly than by hand.

This versatility has made the knitting machine a popular choice among students of design, fashion and textiles. Although beginners can produce garments and fabrics in stocking stitch and ribbing in a short time, our experience is that many students need help from more experienced knitters at the outset, and at a later stage when they are wanting to experiment with unusual stitch constructions, shapes or yarns (eg wire or plastic).

The Guild members can provide advice for tutors, students or parents on a variety of machines across the range from basic to advanced techniques, for example:
  • Showing how to create patterns and shapes in the knitting using punch cards or digital input.
  • Demonstrating different finishing techniques (eg seams and edgings).
  • Indicating how the manipulation of stitches and tension can create texture and shape in the knitting.
  • Giving guidance on machine knitted colour work such as fairisle, weaving, intarsia etc.
  • Explaining the use of charting devices attached or integrated into the knitting machine to create particular shapes.
  • Helping with CAD-type software such as Designaknit so that students can format their designs on a computer before transferring them to the knitting machine.
  • Providing advice on health and safety issues around the use of knitting machines.
Guild members may undertake paid or unpaid commissions for knitted work but would not undertake assignments for students without the knowledge and agreement of the student's tutor.

Further Information:

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