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Our Yahoo! Group

The Guild of Machine Knitters Yahoo! Group is exclusively for members of the Guild. Existing members should have received an invitation to join, but if you haven't you should use the Contact Us link on the left to contact the Guild Chairman and it will be resent. Please put "Yahoo Group" and your membership number in the message area.
Those that are not currently members of the Guild of Machine Knitters will be sent an invitation to join as soon as the Membership Secretary confirms they have joined the Guild.
You can join the Guild either by downloading a membership form and sending it to the Membership Secretary with a cheque or see us at an exhibition/show and join the Guild there. Please remember to write your e-mail address clearly on the membership form. If the invitation doesn't arrive in your in-box shortly after you receive your membership card then contact the Guild Chairman as above.
You will not be able to find the Yahoo! Group through the website or through a Yahoo Group.